Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Four Months ago….

Four months ago our favorite baseball team…the Boston Red Sox won the World Series for the third time in franchise history…oh and Jacoby Javier was born:) Now I am sure you can guess which one of these events is really the most important to but hey it is spring training after all:) What has our little love bug been up to???? He is now rolling from his back to his tummy. Last night I put him to bed on his back and he woke up on his tummy. He also slept through the night last night (I am sure I just jinxed that though).
I forgot to mention in my last entry Jay’s sister and nieces are coming up in a few weeks. Lisa with her daughters Jasmine and Valerie (who is Noah’s age) are staying for a week and they are bringing Laura with them…it should be fun. It will be nice women in the house even if it is just for a week…lol.
Jay is doing a bit better from his accident but he now suffers from Post Concussion Syndrome. Basically he has all the side effects from a concussion, dizziness, blurred vision, head ache, memory issues etc, this could last anywhere from a few days to a few months. He goes back to work Friday but he has to take it easy.
The fun bits:
* weighs 13.25 pounds
*size 2 diapers
*drinks 32- 40 ounces of Gentelese Formula every day
*wearing mostly 3-6 clothes
*size 2 shoe
*still no signs of any teeth but he is drooling a lot
*next Doctors appointment is 3/13
*sleeps really well at night
*still loves his Soothie Binkies
*hates tummy time
*some days he loves his swing other days not so much
Mommy and the boys

Daddy and the boys

Jacoby in the Jumparoo (notice the phonebook:) he is still not quite tall enough)

Faifers on Jacoby’s gym….silly dog:)

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