Friday, May 31, 2013

Children's Hospital Boston @ Waltham a diagnosis

We finally got in to see the Doctor at Boston Children's Hospital.  We saw Dr Gno.  Things went well.  We went over his history and various other Dr appointments and test results.  Basically it is a
confirmed that is is FPIES.  There is no definitive test for it and really no treatment.  The plan for right now is to continue with Elecare Jr and avoid the foods we know have made him sick and slowly introduce new foods.  They also took a bunch of blood for allergy testing not that we expect any of that to show anything.  The Phlebotomist did an amazing job and only had to stick him once and that has never happened!  We will follow up with the local GI in a few weeks and come back here the end of August.

Also he will be getting Tubes in his ears next week!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ryry 13 months

Ryder at 13 months:
 *still in size 4 diapers
*still in mostly 12 month clothes with a few 18 month
*still cruising and will occasionally stand on his own
*pulling himself up to standing on everything
*is taking about 24 ounces of Elecare Jr formula from a bottle
*eats a variety of fruits and veggies, puffs, Cheerios, pasta, graham crackers, Ritz crackers
*laughs and smiles a lot when he is feeling good
*sleeps 1 5-6 hour stretch each night, still waking up every 2 hours some nights
*still very ticklish!
*6 teeth!
*weight 20 lb 4 oz
*height still 30 inches

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