Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Noah @4 Months...

Four months....Yesterday
Oh So Serious!

Not much to report really. The rain has finally stopped and we came through it relatively unscathed. Jay's seat in his car is a little wet:(. Noah has his 4 month well baby check up on Friday complete with his next round of shots:( Auntie Kendra might come up for a visit this weekend. A belated congratulations to my cousin Heather and her husband John on the birth of their son Nicholas. Although he was born a few weeks ago (a month early) I just found out last night. I understand both are doing well:) So here's Noah's stats:

*13 pounds 3 ounces
*size 1/2 diapers (we will be switching to size 2 but merely 'cause they are easier to find)
*eating 5-7 ounces every 3-4 hours
*3/6 month clothes (3 month fits good, 6 month size is too big)
*slept in the crib 2 nights this weekend
*rolling over (front to back) on occasion
*still drooling a lot
*still gnawing on his hands
*has an iron grip (usually on my hair)
*starting to chew on some toys
*learning to sit (with assistance of coarse)
*I think he is starting to appreciate the bed time if he would just stay asleep for the night

Enough already turn out the light Im trying to sleep here!

Being silly with mommy:) I think she forgot the pants go on the bottom half of the body.  I am so damn cute:)

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