Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Buzz Agent Review: KRE-O Cityville Invasion



Will Cityville survive Dr. Mayhem?

Whether your child ends up a gifted city planner or a superhero known for defeating mad scientists, you’ll have KRE-O Cityville Invasion to thank for their future successes. Watch as Sonic Motion technology brings your kid’s dream metropolis to life!
  • The KRE-O Cityville Invasion building set line includes a variety of city-themed building sets and accessories
  • Sound waves trigger specific movements in the KRE-O motion bricks. Watch as the cities shuffle, swim, crash and roar to life!
  • Every set comes with several KREON figures (including a mystery KREON) that kids can collect
  • Dr. Mayhem and his evil henchmen have plans to invade Cityville; the Special Ops Squad hopes to stop them — each KRE-O Cityville Invasion set tells a different part of the story

The city may be growing, but something is rotten in the KRE-O Cityville metropolis — the evil Dr. Mayhem has gathered a troop of villains to aid him in his quest for world domination. Each KRE-O Cityville Invasion Building Set tells a part of the story. The invasion has begun, and the city’s fate is in its builders’ hands!
Combine any of the KRE-O Cityville Invasion Building Sets to see Cityville come to life. They’re all compatible with each other, as well as with other major building set brands. The line is available at all major retailers,  and ranges in price from $2.49 – $39.99.

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Skyscraper Mayhem Building Set

Ages 7+ / Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 / Includes 431 KRE-O Pieces
A rampaging gorilla has escaped the KRE-O Cityville zoo and is wreaking havoc downtown. Will the Cityville citizens be able to stop him?

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Police Station Zombie Defense Building Set

Ages 7+ / Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 / Includes 270 KRE-O Pieces
Three zombies storm the KRE-O Cityville police station as the KREON cops try to contain the outbreak.

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Haunted Hideaway Building Set

Ages 7+ / Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 / Includes 317 KRE-O Pieces
Ghosts and vampires abound in the Haunted Hideaway!

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Marina Madness Building Set

Ages 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 / Includes 206 KRE-O Pieces
A shark is on the loose in the marina. Use the shark capture claw to save the day, and catch him before he catches you!

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Fire Station Dragon Attack Building Set

Ages 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $16.99 / Includes 177 KRE-O Pieces
The mercury is rising fast as a fearsome dragon is burning things up at the KRE-O Cityville firehouse! *

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Bank Bandit Bust Building Set

Ages 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 / Includes 152 KRE-O Pieces
A KREON bank bandit has drilled through the breakaway vault door and stolen a safe full of valuables.* Will the KREON police be able to stop him?

KRE-O Cityville Invasion Service Station Scare Building Set

Ages 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 / Includes 174 KRE-O Pieces
Gas may cost $3.07 per gallon at the KRE-O Cityville station, but brains are free, and a zombie KREON has come to fill up his tank. *
The KRE-O Cityville Invasion line also includes a variety of accessory packs — everything from the Sonic Motion Themed Assortment to the Vehicle Booster Pack Assortment to the Population Pack Assortment. Everything your child needs to build for days.

The boys were so excited to get my latest Buzz Kit!  KRE-O Building set.  I waited a few days after I received it to let them open it but man once I did it kept them busy for hours!   They added the pieces to their Lego/ Micro Block collection and they worked quite nicely together.  The boys loved the sounds from The Sonic Motion Technology.  JJ (5) did have a bit of trouble putting the Dr. Mayhem figure together but with a little help he got it.  I like that the pieces work with their other building sets and are actually less expensive.  They have already asked for some more of the Cityville Collection from Santa.

Overall I think these sets are great and if your child like Legos or other building sets I would highly recommend them!

Disclosure: I received the product in return for my honest review. I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Ryder @17 months

Ryder at 17 months:
*and yes, still in size 4 diapers
* in mostly 18 month clothes with a few 12 months still
*barley still in size 4 shoe... yes he is finally wearing shoes
*walking! RUNNING!!
*is taking about 32 ounces of Elecare Jr formula from a bottle and water from a sippy cup!
*eats a variety of fruits and veggies, puffs, Cheerios, pasta, graham crackers, Ritz crackers beef and pork too but no Raspberries!  Loves Stacey's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips!
*laughs and smiles a lot when he is feeling good
*sleeps most nights getting up only once...about once a week he has a bad night ans is up almost every hour:( but those are getting less frequent
*still very ticklish!
*still 7 teeth but OMG is working on 2 molars and 2 canines!  Still working on the 4 new teeth
*weight  22 pounds 12 ounces
*height 30.95 inches (on 8/30)
* really loves his binkie, he even tries to eat with it in his mouth
*signs more and all done

Loves Loves Loves his Watermellon...still
On a walk

This is what happen's when you ask Ryder where his nose

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day of School....

Right before leaving the house

The boys in front of the school

On the playground

Noah Rico First Day of 2nd Grade

Jacoby Javier First Day of Kindergarten

The boys with Daddy

Noah getting ready to go in

JJ getting ready to go in
 All in all it was a good day...yes there were some tears from me!  Both boys were excited to start the school year.  Noah's teacher is Mrs. Seeley and JJ has Mrs. Williamson.  We will get to meet both teachers at Open House on the 19th.  We were a little sad that JJ's 2 friends James and Willie were not in his class but James' cousin is so at least he knew someone!

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