Friday, March 29, 2013

Colonoscopy and Endoscopy:(

We had to be to the hospital by 7am.  Thankfully Auntie Ali helped by putting Noah on the bus and JJ spent the night at his sitters.  When we got to the hospital we checked in at the waiting room for day surgery.  Then they brought us back to a room where they weighed him (19 pounds even).  We answered what seemed like a million questions from his nurse.  After we were done with the admissions part the anesthesiologist came in to talk to us.  Right about 9 am the took him away.  He didn't know the difference but it was all I could do not to cry!

The whole procedure took about an hour.  Once he was awake they came to the waiting room to get us.  When we went back to the recovery room he was snuggling some nurse.  When he saw me he got upset until I took him from the nurse and gave him lots of kisses.  When we were moved back to the Day Surgery side he took a bottle and had lots of gas all of which was very good:)  We did notice he had some sort of rash breaking out on his skin.  The anesthesiologist came and said it was probably from the harsh detergents used on the blankets and sheets. We got some fantastic photos of his colon, stomach and upper part of his small intestine too!

Once we left the hospital we went home and took a nice long nap:)  You never would have know what he went through that day:)

We received a call with the results last night "Good News!  Everything looks great!"  While we are thrilled there is nothing wrong structurally it still leaves questions.  The biggest is what keep making him sick??

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Saga continues....

Once Ryder was switch to the Elecare formula he seems to be doing much better.  His weight has been closely monitored by his GI, the VNA and his Pediatrician.  His weight goes up and down but nothing to alarming!  Our first follow up since the tube was pulled was today.  When we arrived we realized he had a poopie diaper, when we opened up his diaper there was blood...again:(  His GI decided it was time for the scope:(  So Monday morning Ryry will go under general anesthesia and have a endoscopy and a colonoscopy.
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WW- On the mend:)

Back to the GI this afternoon...we had a small weight loss as of Monday...fingers crossed!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!

The tube was removed today!!!  They will continue to monitor his weight and as long as he keeps gaining the tube stays out!  Wish us luck!
Bow ties in his hair

All smiles

First bubbie without the tube

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

11 months!!

*still in size 4 diapers
*still in all 12 month clothes 

*started crawling normally as soon as he cam home from the hospital
*pulling himself up to standing on everything
*is taking about  20 ounces of Elecare Jr formula through the tube a day plus a bit more from a bottle

*eats a variety of fruits and veggies, puffs, Cheerios, pasta, graham crackers, Ritz crackers
*laughs and smiles a lot
*sleeps 1 5-6 hour stretch each night, still waking up every 2 hours some nights
*still very ticklish!
* still 4 teeth!
*weight 18 pound 9 ounces
*still height 29 inches
*head 18.3 inches 

We head to the GI tomorrow to hopefully have the tube pulled!!  So far we have seen no more blood in his diapers and he seems to really like the Vanilla formula.  A visiting nurse goes to daycare every week to check his weight and vitals.  His weight has fluctuated a bit since coming home from the hospital but for the most part continues to increase.
Still all smiles!

How we keep the tube out of the way when he is not feeding

Smiles even with the binkie!

If the tube doesn't come out tomorrow they will still pull it and put it on the other side to give his poor skin a break from all the tapes:(

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Second Hospitilization

2/26 We had an appointment with the GI in the morning.  The GI and his NP (nurse practitioner) walked in the exam room took one look at Ryder and looked at the weight loss since being discharged and said we would be readmitted with a feeding tube.  We asked if we could go home and pack a bag.  We went back to the hospital about 11 am.  I left and went to work for a bit.  When I returned they had started an IV and put in the feeding tube.  The C-Diff test came back still positive so we were switched from Flagyl to Vamcomycin...thankfully the meds can be given through his NG


We spent the next few days slowly increasing the amount of his feeds.

3/1 about 11am the Medical supply company came to show us how to work the feeding pump he would be going home on.  Also is Primary Pediatrician dropped in and we will make an appointment for early next week for a follow up.  About 12 noon we went home!

Defiantly a much less eventful stay but we will see if we make some progress!

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