Saturday, May 21, 2005

We are on our way....

We had our 2nd IUI on Wednesday. The next 2 weeks are the worst part. Any person trying to get pregnant knows the 2ww (2 week wait) is tough. You spend 2 weeks over analyzing every twinge, cramp and possible "symptom". Once you start the journey of trying to conceive (ttc) you read up on all the possible symptoms. During the 2ww you convince yourself that every little twinge you feel must be because you are pregnant. You also learn during the ttc journey is that all possible pregnancy signs are the same same symptoms of PMS and your monthly visitor. You spend 2 straight weeks obsessing and over analyzing everything. Hopping against hope that the 2ww turns into the 9 month wait to meet your child. So I will end this by saying let the obsessing ummm continue........

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Here we go again…..

Here we go again….
I know its been a while but there hasn’t been much to write about. We started our follie check on Thursday. I had one on the left that was at 14mm and that was about it. Since I can’t trigger until they are at 18mm, I went back yesterday. It was kinda weird being the only patient the whole day, but after all it was Saturday. So yesterdays scan was a bit better I had 16mm, 10mm and 9mm on the left side. The right side was certainly looking much better this time with 2 at 11mm, 10mm and 9mm. Still none of them big enough. I go back tomorrow and hopefully give myself the trigger shot tomorrow night and have the IUI on Wednesday. I just hope it works this time

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The Softer Side…….

Okay so now that the technical stuff is out there it is time for the other stuff. We could have never imagined how long it would take for us to start a family. The expense both monetary and emotionally goes far beyond what we had anticipated. We have seen both my sister and his sister get pregnant and give birth to beautiful baby boys. One of my best friends from college and her husband struggled to get pregnant but after a few months were successful. Their son will be born in the next month. And Jay’s younger sister is due around my birthday.
With each passing month we get more and more discouraged. We also get more and more doubtful it will happen. Unfortunately adoption or IVF are far too expensive and there for not an option at this point. It get increasingly difficult to attend baby showers and birthdays. The advice we get from our loved ones although I am sure well meant only makes the whole situation harder. Since my long cycles and short Leuteal Phase are the only causes for the IF “just relaxing” isn’t going to work. Without the drugs that I take even if we did get pregnant it would not last.
I do need to say that nothing I wrote here is aimed at anyone, this is my form of cheap (free) therapy. I am certainly open to any questions just email me. This is very hard for us to deal with and having our friends and family around us for support is great. These entries are meant to educate our loved ones and to express our feelings. If you have made it this far then it is obvious you are interested in what we are going through and a willing to support us. Stay tuned…..

My First Blog:) Our IF History….

My First Blog:) Our IF History
This is our first blog because honestly a week ago I had no idea what a blog was. I would say at this point most if not all of our entries in the near future will be about our struggles with infertility.
We we married nearly 2 years ago and from that point have been trying to start a family. The following timeline is our IF (infertility) journey:
07/03 Stopped getting Depo Provera Shots
12/28/03 Beginning of our first cycle
For the next few months we were not really trying
04/16/2004 First month charting temperature and fluids
04/04 My dear husband was checked and the results were better than normal:)
05/04 Purchased a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor
05/04 through 09/04 One very long cycle. During which time I realized my Ob/Gyn was a prick and was not looking out for our best interests. Based on several recommendations I switched to a fabulous practice.
09/04 Base line blood work and ultra sound done, PCOS was ruled out both came back normal
09/04 Took Provera to end the cycle
12/04 I had HSG test and the results were normal
12/04 First round of 50mg of clomid (I resonded very well)
We then had 2 more rounds of Clomid at 50mg days 3-7
03/13/05 We started our first IUI (intrauterine insemination–”Turkey baster” method LOL) everything looked very good. Unfortunately it did not work.
04/05 We took a month “off” to recover from the disappointment
05/05 We start the process all over again.
So that is our history stay tuned for our next entry:) (probably later today).