Tuesday, May 3, 2005

The Softer Side…….

Okay so now that the technical stuff is out there it is time for the other stuff. We could have never imagined how long it would take for us to start a family. The expense both monetary and emotionally goes far beyond what we had anticipated. We have seen both my sister and his sister get pregnant and give birth to beautiful baby boys. One of my best friends from college and her husband struggled to get pregnant but after a few months were successful. Their son will be born in the next month. And Jay’s younger sister is due around my birthday.
With each passing month we get more and more discouraged. We also get more and more doubtful it will happen. Unfortunately adoption or IVF are far too expensive and there for not an option at this point. It get increasingly difficult to attend baby showers and birthdays. The advice we get from our loved ones although I am sure well meant only makes the whole situation harder. Since my long cycles and short Leuteal Phase are the only causes for the IF “just relaxing” isn’t going to work. Without the drugs that I take even if we did get pregnant it would not last.
I do need to say that nothing I wrote here is aimed at anyone, this is my form of cheap (free) therapy. I am certainly open to any questions just email me. This is very hard for us to deal with and having our friends and family around us for support is great. These entries are meant to educate our loved ones and to express our feelings. If you have made it this far then it is obvious you are interested in what we are going through and a willing to support us. Stay tuned…..

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