Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Big Bash!

For Ryry's Birthday we I chose a Dr Seuss theme. 

His amazing shirt made by Nonnie

Cake 1, it was  Hypoallergenic and made just for Ryder!

Cake #2 the real cake for real people:)


After chowing on cake....Coconut oil melts at body temperature apparently...he is covered in greasy melted frosting!
Hanging with Popsie after a bath

Partied too hard!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

I spent a lot of time on pinterest finding food ideas that were Dr. Seussish:)  So the menu looked a little like this:

Noodle eating Poodles- Homemade Mac & Cheese
One Fish Two Fish- Blue Jello cups with Swedish fish
Hop on Pop (corn)- Smart Food
Cat in the Hat- Strawberry Banana Skewers
Green Eggs- Green Deviled Eggs
Yot in a Pot- Meatballs and Kielbasa in the crock pot
Skipper Zip's Chips- Chips and dip

The cake my sister made was supposed to be hypoallergenic.  It was gluten free, egg free, dairy free, soy free with dairy free frosting made with coconut oil.  Unfortunately, it seems coconut is also a food that triggers Ryder's "episodes".  I feel bad my sister put in so much work making a special cake just for him, researching, price checking and everything and it made him sick anyway:(  Your effort was greatly appreciated even so!

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