Monday, March 4, 2013

Second Hospitilization

2/26 We had an appointment with the GI in the morning.  The GI and his NP (nurse practitioner) walked in the exam room took one look at Ryder and looked at the weight loss since being discharged and said we would be readmitted with a feeding tube.  We asked if we could go home and pack a bag.  We went back to the hospital about 11 am.  I left and went to work for a bit.  When I returned they had started an IV and put in the feeding tube.  The C-Diff test came back still positive so we were switched from Flagyl to Vamcomycin...thankfully the meds can be given through his NG


We spent the next few days slowly increasing the amount of his feeds.

3/1 about 11am the Medical supply company came to show us how to work the feeding pump he would be going home on.  Also is Primary Pediatrician dropped in and we will make an appointment for early next week for a follow up.  About 12 noon we went home!

Defiantly a much less eventful stay but we will see if we make some progress!

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