Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ryder- A Birth Story

Welcome to our new home:)  It's still a work in progress but I figured it was time for a new post:)  Ryder is 2 months old today but his appointment isn't until tomorrow so I will update on him then in the mean time its time to get his birth story down!

Friday April 13, 2012

The morning of the c-section I took the boys to day care and went grocery shopping.  I figured it would be the last trip for a few weeks.  We had to be at the hospital for 11am.  We checked in about 10:45.  We were put in LD room #1, which is right across from the operating room...go figure.  The had me put on the gown and get into bed where they hooked me up to the monitors.  Ryder's heart rate looked great and I was actually having contractions. The nurse then tried to start my IV.  That proved to be the most difficult and painful part of the whole day for me.  After 2 attempts (1 in each arm) the first nurse gave up and called in reinforcements.  The next nurse that gave it a try threw a warm pack on my hand for a few minutes and walla the IV was in.  Before they will place the epidural they have to fill you with fluids and because I almost passed out twice when I got the epidural for JJ they pushed extra fluids!  So after almost 2 bags of fluids the anesthesiologist came in to place the epi. Shortly after the epi was placed I was wheeled to the OR!  I remembered thinking during the surgery...why is this taking so long I just want to hear my baby cry!  Looking at the timeline it obvious it wasn't that long but it sure did feel like forever.

1:00 pm Rolled into the OR
1:19 pm skin incision
1:27 pm uterine incision
1:28 pm Ryder Antonio was born weighing 7 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long, as he was pulled out he immediately peed on the doctor!  That's my boy:)

  The doctor said it took a little bit longer because of scar tissue and what not.  When having a repeat c-section the doctor usually cleans up the scar tissue from previous surgeries.  The scar tissue is a bit tougher than regular skin and other fresh tissue so it take a bit longer to get through.

 Ryder was given his first bottle a few minutes later.  Because, of the Gestational Diabetes they wanted to make sure that his sugar levels were good.  Once he downed almost the whole 2 ounces they put him back on the warming table while they continued to work on me.  While laying on the table he peed again.  Jay and I looked over at him and say the little geyser shooting up from the was quite funny!  He must have peed 3 or 4 times while we were in the OR.   Daddy actually got to cut the umbilical cord this time!

  This little boy got to go with mommy to recovery AND to the postpartum floor!  Noah went right to the NICU, JJ went to the NICU from the recovery room so this was new for us!
The night before Ryder's arrival I took Noah and JJ to Build A Bear Workshop so they could build a gift for their new brother.  Here is Noah showing it off  while we were still in recovery.

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