Friday, December 2, 2011

JJ is 4

Ok so he turned 4 a few weeks ago but better late than never:)  So what is our current youngest soon to be middle child up to???  Well he is very much starting to act like the middle child (plus he is a Scorpio)...if you knew my sister Ali s we were growing up then you know JJ:)  Its a good thing the little blond haired, blue eyed boys is cute!!

He had his 4 year check up on his birthday and his stats were:

height 102.2 cm or 3 feet 4 1/4
weight: 38 pounds
bp:  86/52

The poor guy had 4 shots and blood drawn but he took it all with no tears!  The blood work all came back normal meaning is is completely cured of the lead poisoning.  We may never know the exact effect the lead had on him but at least his levels are back to normal.  He also received a referral for a Pediatric Sleep Specialist for his insomnia.  He sees the SS in January.  He also passed his hearing test with flying colors doing even better than Noah did, so having his adenoids out made a difference there:)

He is totally obsessed with Toy Story....he was woody for Halloween.  And when asked what he wanted his birthday cake to be of coarse he said Toy Story!

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